The project idea

The objectives of the SELLIMA project are to study, develop and operate a constellation of Nano-satellites with a competitive science case, for example in the exoplanet or stellar domain, and to bring university-level space engineering and astronomy knowledge to less favoured members of the global society. Implementing the SELLIMA collaboration we will foster peace, hope and knowledge via a collaboration of scientists, engineers and other professions from different socio-cultural backgrounds.

To reach our objectives we will set up three working groups.

The Science Working Group selects the science cases for a constellation of Nano-satellites. The Science Working Group is supported by the Technical Working Group.

The Technical Working Group defines the technical and financial boundary criteria for an astronomy space mission based on a constellation of Nano-satellites. This group will also investigate possible synergies between Astronomy and Earth Observation satellites.

The Education Working Group defines, as a first step, the programme of a summer school on Astronomy and Space Engineering, targeting an audience in unfavourable living conditions. As a second step, the Education Working Group investigates the possibility to establish an online university programme in Astronomy and Space Engineering, targeting people with limited access to regular university-level education. The Education Working Group will also implement the AstroTruck.

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