SELLIMA Visitor Centre

We have proposed a project to the Mayors of Sauverny in France. You may find the project proposal via this link. The selection process is still ongoing.

Waiting for an official response, we have already started to draft the layout of what is tossed to become the first SELLIMA Visitor Centre. Interested in mored details? Continue reading …

A standard SELLIMA visitor Centre is composed of 4 areas:

  • An area dedicated to the local scientific heritage
  • An area to promote Particle Physics
  • An area to promote Astronomy
  • An area dedicated to the quest to find Life in our Cosmos beyond the ‘pale blue dot’, our own Planet Earth.

Each area holds several panels that do connect the visitors to a Virtual Reality based contents.

The Sauverny Visitor Center’s local science heritage is Particle Physics and Exoplanets. This is why our first Visitor Centre has only three areas. Please come in …

Disclaimer: The contents of the following pages is very preliminary and is doomed to rapidly change without notification. The moment you click send for an email the contents may have already changed.